Thursday, September 16, 2010


TO Nazri and Khairy  it was easy to pick on Dr Mahathir. After all he is  already the target of the racists and chauvinists in the PKR/DAP unholy union.

Schizophrenic PAS supporters may also target Dr Mahathir but of late it had been quite lame because the accusations of him being anti-Islam does not hold much water given their spiritual leader Nik Aziz’s pronouncements which were unquestionably un-Islamic.   

And so Nazri and Khairy, riding on the PKR-DAP chauvinism, attempted to portray themselves as being “liberal” Malays.

And what better way to do this than join the opposition and other racist elements in attacking Perkasa. They are aware that by attacking Perkasa, they are getting to Dr Mahathir.

Nazri and Khairy do not care if Dr Mahathir was the target of the PKR/DAP condemnation because they feared his courage to stand up and expose their racist and chauvinistic views guised behind liberalism and multi-racialism.

Neither do they care that Perkasa is probably the only body articulating Malay fears, uncertainties and bewilderment over tnon-Malay racist and anti-Islam overtones.

But for the Umno leadership to condone Khairy and Nazri’s attempts to sever ties with Perkasa is obviously a reflection of the party’s state of affairs.

If the leadership of Umno had reflected on the months leading to the 2008 general election, they would be aware that Perkasa is a manifestation of the disgust felt by many Malays towards Umno then.

For that matter, adding to this disgust is why is it that Umno is so keen to denounce Perkasa when the MCA were never pressured to denounce the chauvinistic Suqiu or Dong Ziao Zhong or the MIC to condemn the militant and racist Hindraf.

It is a matter of fact that the MCA and of course the chauvinist DAP, use the demands made by Chinese chauvinist groups to pressure the Government to accede to them, hoping along the way to eventually become the eventual champion of the Chinese community.

As proven at the recent Chinese Economic Congress, MCA’s president Chua Soi Lek unabashedly said that his party had to fight for the community which supports it.

If a similar thing had been said by Perkasa, the Chinese would have been frothing at the mouth with accusations of racism.

Similarly with the MIC – when Hindraf came to the fore, instead of denouncing Hindraf for its racist utterances towards the Malays and Islam – it championed their cause.

Yet, the likes of Khairy and Nazri were not prepared to take these people up, obviously without the courage nor ability to deal with the manipulative and racist non-Malay groups.

In many ways, Umno should be glad that Perkasa is there to fight for the Malays and Bumiputeras and it is perceived to have the blessings of Umno.

To many Malays out there, Perkasa is taking up what Umno couldn’t do because it has to observe the Barisan Nasional concept.

Many Malays who are pro-Umno but had abandoned the party in 2008, are now supporting Umno again via Perkasa.

Umno should have let Perkasa be and should have continued to be silent if it can’t support it.
The Umno leadership should put the likes of Khairy and Nazri on a leash (if it is not capable to send them to the pound) in so far as dealing with Perkasa.

They should be the last person to speak about Perkasa or Dr Mahathir. In fact, they should not be allowed to speak on behalf of Umno. They have done enough damage.

But for Umno and Najib, they have to realise that they are losing the Malay ground. And it may be worse than that suffered by Abdullah. And if Najib and Umno think that they will gain any non-Malay votes by denouncing Perkasa, they are very, very wrong.

And Perkasa could have been the very antidote for Umno to regain the lost Malay ground.


  1. Wow how many times can a person say the same lie over and over and over again??

    Lets take issue No 1, that Malays were said to have abandoned UMNO. Ok Mr. Saga, what was the number of votes UMNO obtained in 2004?
    Ans: 2,483,249 or 35.9%

    What was the number of votes UMNO obtained in 2008
    Ans: 2,381,725 or 29.3%

    The facts are here and here.

    So there was a drop of about 6% in the popular vote for UMNO. Now this vote drop could be attributed not only to Malays but non Malays as well. If its 50-50, then drop is only 3% for the Malay vote.

    So to make it out as if there has been a huge swing back to UMNO is a pure lie. Malays never rejected UMNO in 2008, with the exception in Kedah.

    But if what you are saying is true, but I know its a lie, then Kedah will be UMNO's to rule anytime they want.

    Are you saying that?

    The second part of your argument attempts to justify Perkasa by using Hindraf and Dong Zhong as a counter example.

    Ok if 2 wrongs do make a right, please state publicly that if Perkasa is indeed the right way, then Hindraf and Dong Zhong is right as well, and we can all live happily ever after in this country by having the extremists dictate national policy.

  2. The same kind of number of lies Anwar Ibrahim had told his stupid followers.

  3. Salam Bro.,
    Right on!! Just do your things knowing that many Malays are supportive of what Perkasa is fighting for. Just ignore bullsh** argument by those who are trying to distract the attention from the following facts:
    1. KJ&Co. and the so-called liberals Malays are where they are socio-economically not so much because of their brains, meritocracy, etc. Fact is they are there because of their political connections... exploiting FIL as the dozzing PM, political bribery & blackmailing, you name it.
    2. What were/are their contributions to the Malay community/ummah during the last ten years or so? Nothing! They are the classic NATO shi*heads - No Action Talk Only! Fact is they are busy enriching themselves & their cronies!
    3. They are parroting their master LKY & the gang from down south... their views about Malays echo the thinking of their masters from down south... maybe because they are busy selling sand and making money from those masters?

    Conclusion: Stay on course and don't get distracted by the likes of KJ & the gang... they have done enough melacurkan kepentingan Melayu for their own sake.

  4. Wenger, this is where wisdom comes in...6 per cent may look small on paper but in marginal seats a swing of 1,000 voters means that a candidate stand to lose 2,000 votes i.e. 1,000 for the lost votes and another 1,000 to make up for the loss...don't analyse figures on paper...look at each and individual constituency...Umno now needs each and every vote from the counts. One extra vote for Umno is loss of a factor of two votes for the opposition. Umno cannot marginalise anymore Malay groups - Askar Pencen

  5. Usaha mencemarkan Melayu dalam pentadbiran, politik dan institiusi Raja...adalah pembuka pintu untuk LKY/Singapura untuk kembali bersama Malaysia sebagai THE MALAYSIA MESSIAH....sebelum PRU13.....

  6. hidup kj
    askar dipencenkan