Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UMNO'S WOLVES IN SHEEPS' CLOTHING...and they are not from Perkasa - Part 1

IT is incredulous that some Umno leaders chose to denounce Perkasa when the very act could be the final nail to the party’s coffin.

And it is even more baffling that Umno president Datuk Seri Najib has chosen to be quite evasive on the issue. And indirectly allows his underlings to commit the act.

However, scratch the surface a little, the protagonists, Khairy Jamaluddin and Nazri Aziz, the mystery of such stupidity is unravelled.

The others, Tengku Adnan Mansor and Khaled Nordin are merely echoes, really, people of no consequence.

Is their target Perkasa? No. It is actually Tun Dr Mahathir, the one and only leader who had publicly thrown his weight and support to the Malay-based organisation.

Why the need to attack Dr Mahathir? Well, the answer is obvious – Dr Mahathir has the knack to irritate the little Napoleons in Umno who had forgotten their role of in the struggle for “Agama, Bangsa dan Negara”.

Surely one cannot forget how nasty Nazri was when Dr Mahathir publicly condemned his successor Pak Lah for failing to defend the fort and instead slacken to turn the party and the Government into his kingdom.

Nazri, being not much of a thinker makes up this handicap by being rabidly loyal and fearless when facing the enemies of his master and he proved just that under Pak Lah’s rule by viciously attacking Dr Mahathir.

Nazri was so uncouth, causing many Malays to abandon Umno, out of disgust at the attitude of their so-called “leaders”.

Of late, Nazri has shown he is not comfortable with pro-Malay stance and to a certain degree, have fallen into the PKR liberal Malay mould. In short, he is another Zaid Ibrahim in the making.

It would not be surprising if he chooses the same path as Zaid if he can’t get his way with Umno or when Umno had outlived its usefulness for him.

On the part of Khairy, there is no mystery of his hatred for Dr Mahathir.

Wet behind the ears, very ambitious and thinks very highly of himself, Khairy saw his dream of becoming the Prime Minister on a fast track dashed when his ticket, father-in-law Pak Lah, was ungraciously dumped by the voters in the 2008 elections.

And Dr Mahathir due to his incessant criticisms was blamed as contributing much to Pak Lah’s downfall.

Lacking in wisdom, Khairy, instead of doing some soul searching, took the obvious route of blaming Dr Mahathir for the unravelling of his dream.

If he had a little more to his grey matter other than depending on his Oxford credentials, Khairy would have revisited the political landscape pre-2008 and discover that he had single handedly destroyed Pak Lah’s reputation.

Of course he was aided by “able destructive elements” in the likes of Kalimullah Hassan and Nazri to ensure the affinity felt by Malaysians towards Pak Lah as shown in the 2004 general election, blown to smithereens.

Much as he is ambitious, Khairy is vindictive and the two traits he possesses makes him dangerous and reckless.

In denial, Khairy and Nazri took the “blame others but yourself” route. This resulted in the attack on Perkasa. However, in their gullibility, they fail to realise that many Umno members and supporters are in Perkasa because they found it too nauseating to be in Umno alongside the duo.

Tomorrow....Part 2


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  2. Thanks Wake UP! Feel free to link/fetch or copy-paste.

  3. 1) Najib telah diarah untuk menjauhi Tun Mahathir sekiranya dia mahu lama sebagai PM.

    2) Najib serba salah dalam arahan itu. Tapi kekuatan datang dari pengaruh Rosmah,

    3) Cara Najib dan Badawi menjauhi Tun Mahathir agak berbeza kerana cara Badawi telah backfire sehingga Badawi terpaksa resign dalam masa 5 tahun. Jadi cara Najib agak halus dalam menangi Tun Mahathir.

    4) Yang Najib tak sedar adalah Tun Mahathir pun tahu yang Najib membelakanginya disebabkan telur Najib telah dipulas kerana BUKTI KES ALTANTUYA yang ada kaitan denga Rosmah ada ditangan banyak orang2 yang ada POWER. Boleh tanyalah Syed Rahman Konsul Kehormat Monggolia yang bermulut celupar...hehehe

    5) Ringkasnya cara Najib layan Tun Mahathir adalah demi survival dirinya sebagai PM....tapi walaupun berbagai cara Najib lakukan.....macam kata circle Najib....COP JARI BELUM KERING......kedudukan Najib sebagai PM belum kukuh...hehehe

    6) Pandangan saya Najib tahun depan akan tumbang kerana telah melanggar pantang larang sebagai Presiden Parti Keramat UMNO...jeng jeng jeng..

    7) Rosmah.....berhati2lah permainan yang u main agak bahaya kerana ianya bukan mainan semasa u kecik2 di Kuala Pilah....kahkahkah.