Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coincidentally they are all Malays....

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THE quote was taken from a commenter going by the name Doc. It was a comment made over the Sultan of Kelantan's decision to revoke the title Datuk given out to Perkasa President and MP for Pasir Mas, Ibrahim Ali.

There were certainly other commenters with other comments, but Malaysiakini chose this over the other comments. We would really like to know what is the intention.

Sultans are above politics. Full stop.

To say that most Sultans are under Umno's thumb and to highlight it as if it were a matter of fact, doesn't that amount to sedition. Correct us if we are wrong.

Perhaps the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission care to act? Or does it need a Cabinet Minister to prompt it into acting at "broadband" speed, just as it did against Blogger Rocky Bru?

We won't yet touch how in one paragraph Malaysiakini chooses to discredit everything that is connected to the Malay i.e. UMNO, the Malay Sultans and Ibrahim (Malaysiakini's favourite Malay whipping boy apart from Dr Mahathir). That is another story for another day...this should suffice for now for perhaps it is mere coincidence...coincident that the institutions and individual happen to be connected to the Malay.

Chua's MCA - My Chauvinistic Advise...

WE would like to apologise to all our readers for not being able to update this blog as soon as it should be. Our apologies also for not being able to continue with part 2 of Dr Mahathir – A Malay Icon and a Leader immediately.

AT the recently concluded MCA 57th annual general meeting, party president Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek expressing his concern over certain quarters playing up racial and religious issues of late, said the party strongly condemned such actions. He also appealed to all politicians to reject those who thrived on racialism.

With the UMNO General Assembly coming up next week, it is imperative that UMNO take a look at Chua’s advise closely.

This is crucial as it seeks to gain legitimacy as the premier Malay political party in the face of the mushrooming of Malay-centric NGOs (which the MCA Chinese vehemently labels as racist).

It is also of vital importance for UMNO to prove to MCA and all the other Chinese and Indian-based political parties that as the Malay-based party that it is, its ultimate cause is to champion the rights of all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion as it had been doing all these while, not at the expense of the Malays.

So what does UMNO then have to learn from MCA?

Well, for a start, perhaps Dr Chua, as head of the once-premier Chinese-based political party can advice UMNO on how to dissociate itself from chauvinistic racial based organisations.

As Chua had said in his speech, if Barisan Nasional pursues the middle path and politics that embrace all races, then the rakyat will continue to support the BN.

“As a peace-loving Malaysian, I appeal to all politicians to reject those who thrive on racialism,” he had said while along the way admitting that to do well in the next general election, MCA has to overcome the negative perception of the Chinese towards the party adding that the party was perceived as a party unable to voice out the aspirations of the Chinese community.

Incidentally, this was also the reason for the mushrooming of the various Malay-based NGOs. After the 2008 general elections, constant hankering by racist Chinese groups for the abolition of the NEP led Malays to set up NGOs as it felt UMNO was no more able to champion or defend Malay rights.

In this light, Chua could perhaps shed some light on how the MCA deals with chauvinistic/racist Chinese groups like the Suqiu and the Dong Zhong/Jiao Zhong and even Hindraf.

After all, it’s the existence of such racist pressure groups such as these that lead to politicians and political parties to dwell on issues of racism, and failing as Chua said, to practise politics that embrace all races.

Surely the MCA wants to see UMNO succeed in dealing with such groups if UMNO were to come across it. And what the MCA does can then be a model of sorts for UMNO and the rest of the BN to emulate.

Then there is the issue of racist political leaders as Chua appeals to all politicians to reject those who thrive on racialism, it is hoped that Chua and the MCA would assist UMNO on how to expose and to deal with political leaders that champions racism and practices racism such as those from the DAP.

There have been allegations of racism practiced by Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, especially when defending individuals like Namewee. Ask also the Malays in Penang. We are very sure MCA is able to recognise, identify and expose such unhealthy political practices.

Similarly, in dealing with racist publications promoting Chinese chauvinism, which Sin Chiew Jit Poh and the Nanyang Siang Pao has been acused of, perhaps MCA can give an idea as to how UMNO should deal with such a situation if they were to come across any such Malay publication.

Given Chua’s speech we expect the MCA to do nothing less than to provide a clear practical guideline that can be adopted by the rest of the BN component parties practically, in dealing with issues of racism.

One question remains though, the MCA, as a race-based party championing the Chinese community cause, has the tendency to fight for its own community. So how does Chua then plan to dissociate the MCA from itself?

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