Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MALAY FIRST - Being Malaysian is a given!

IN our last posting, this blog discussed how Umno’s Nazri Aziz and Khairy Jamaluddin had been attacking Perkasa to get at Dr Mahathir.

Awang Selamat in Mingguan Malaysia on Sunday had taken on Nazri calling him anti-Dr Mahathir.

Awang’s disgruntlement with Nazri stems from the latter’s accusation that the daily was bent on promoting Dr Mahathir’s return as Prime Minister (which is totally absurd to say the least, but not surprising coming from someone whom we had said was not really a thinker).

Awang was spot on in his defence of Perkasa and its supremo, Ibrahim Ali.
Questioning Nazri’s role when the Malays were being “attacked”, Awang says Umno must never forget that it was Perkasa and Ibrahim that went around the country defending Umno and the Malays.

Awang went on to say that lately, Nazri had taken a soft approach in dealing with the opposition, perhaps for not wanting to be a target of criticism or because he had wanted to “play safe”. This Awang claims, makes Nazri a comfortable man for the opposition to deal with.

Uncannily, the same approach was taken by Zaid Ibrahim when he was an Umno Minister in the BN Government not too long ago. He ended up resigning and joining the opposition saying his position became untenable because the BN had ignored his pursuits of his ideals and principles.

Not only did he found out that there is nothing principled about the opposition, those who knew Zaid was surprised at his preparedness to “abandon” his benefactor, the clueless Abdullah Badawi. By and large Zaid’s act is an act of backstabbing and of an ingrate but no one knows what the principled Zaid would describe his act to be.

But we wouldn’t dwell on that now, perhaps in a later posting.

We are more interested in what Nazri’s game is. Is it to follow the former Minister’s way? Awang Selamat says he is playing safe.

Yesterday Nazri replied to Awang Selamat, curiously, through a particular news portal that seems very much bent on bashing the Utusan and Malays.

“And yes I am a Malaysian first and Malay next. Does any bigot have a problem with that?” Was Nazri’s closing salvo.

Yes, I believe many Malays have a problem with that. Does being Malay first make them bigots?

Lest Nazri understands the constitution, the Malays (and later on added with Bumiputera following the inception of Malaysia) are specifically mentioned to define the nature of the new nation.

It was meant to establish the fact that then Malaya and Malaysia is a nation formed on the basis of Malay being the main and majority race, the national culture and language is Malay and that the Rulers of the country (the Sultans, Raja and Agong) are Malays.

It is not about racial supremacy. It is about the concept of the ownership of the land (even though today many non Malays owned large tracts of land in the country). Hence it is called Malay-a or today Malay-sia and not anything else denoting some Chineseness or Indianness.

That is the context; all Malays are Malay first and Malaysian second. While the non-Malays may want to debate about who were the migrants and who were not, the underlying factor is that the Malays did not have to apply for citizenship while the non-Malays did.

In other words, in so far as Malays in Malaysia are concerned, they need not have to prove that they are Malaysians. Being a Malay means that being Malaysian is a given.

But it is not so for the migrants then as they have to prove themselves to be Malaysian first before they can obtain they citizenship.

If they had insisted that they are Chinese, Indian or English or any other race first, then they will not be accorded the Malaysian citizenship.

So for any Malay to want to be Malaysian first and not Malay first meant that he is ignorant of the manner the country is incepted and the nature the constitution was promulgated.

If he considers the Malays who opposed his statement of being Malaysian first and Malay next as bigot, Nazri is obviously exposing his ignorance or a case of gray matter deficient.

Bigotry is about intolerance about other races or creed. How can it be bigotry if Malays are trying to ensure their continued relevance vis-a-vis the constitution?

Obviously Nazri is a contradiction of his existence. While he does not think twice about rallying Malay support (His constituency in Padang Rengas is about 73% Malay) for his existence as a parliamentarian, he himself does not believe in promoting Malay leadership.

Being Malay it seems is just a convenient excuse for him where and when it benefits him.

It is clear then that Nazri’s ideals is much more aligned to the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia, a stand he clearly defines and declares in his open letter and, as expected was immediately  embraced by none other than Lim Kit Siang (although Nazri says Kit Siang is not his Boss).

If he had gone to the extent of declaring he was Muslim first, even Nik Aziz would embrace him!

And for Nazri to say that those who declare themselves Malay first are bigots? I guess then that includes his Boss Najib and deputy Muhyiddin.

Oh yes, before we close this, Nazri says his aim is to win the Padang Rengas Parliamentary seat for Barisan Nasional whether he contests as candidate or otherwise.

We really would like to see Nazri go out and openly declare to the 73% Malay of the roughly 25,000 voters there that he is not Malay first. We are not quite sure if he did that the last three elections.


  1. A damn good explanation, but I'm not sure if the Nazri bugger would understand the fact of the matter since his ability to think is very much questionable. Nazri is a fine example of how some arrogant Umno Malays behave nowadays. I pray that the Prime Minister takes this moron's idiotic comments seriously and lock him up in some mental asylum before he ruins everything for Umno and BN. This bugger looks very much like a turncoat in the making... YES, exactly like dat Zaid fella.

  2. Good rebuttal to Nazri.

    As you said what to be expected of someone who don't regard himself as a thinker.


  3. Tq for providing such a great response to the question on being Malay or Malaysian first. I can now use your argument to counter the stupidos akin to Minister Nazri on this matter.

    Awaiting for more great writings from you.

  4. The more he talks, the more he shows how infantile he can be, this arrogant Nazri. It's good that Utusan Malaysia/Awang Selamat and many bloggers have taken on this "not-Melayu first" fella: just egg him on some more and he will continue to entertain us all with more and more of his stupidity.

    I guess it's really a waste of time paying attention to him. He has already become irrelevant to the Malays at large. So just ignore him lah!

  5. yes, it is
    MALAYS-ia (malays - in action)

    and NOT



  6. Nazri is not surely a Malay.He is a product of Kerala and Banjar.

  7. Very good analogy from your twisting statement! Syabas! "Being a Malay means that being Malaysian is a given"

    I've the below maths equation which I cannot solve.
    Being Dayak means... Malaysian first, Dayak second?
    Being Iban means... Malaysian first, Iban second?
    Being Kadazan means... Malaysian first, Kadazan second?
    Being Orang asal means... er... how? Does asal mean anything? Kena cari kamus what asal means.

    Sekian. May peace be with you.

  8. Anon 05:37....Janganlah jadi tak cerdik macam Menteri tu....which part of the blog entry is so complicated for you that the author has to spell out? If its so hard to understand let me try to explain this...the Chinese and Indians migrants had to apply for citizenship when Malaya was formed. When September 16 happened and Sabah and Sarawak joined the federation to form Malaysia were the Dayaks and Ibans and Kadazans required to apply for citizenship? Tidak kan? isn't that recognition of their special position as the owners of the land they dwelled? If you are from Sabah or Sarawak, jangan bagi malu anak negeri with your shallow argument. If you are not, don't try to portray Sabahan and Sarawakians as naive understand?

    - Monsopiad

  9. "If you are not, don't try to portray Sabahan and Sarawakians as naive understand? "
    - Monsopiad

    Sabahan dan Sarawakian ada Cina dan India belum September 16, macam mana nak selesaikan Ilmu Hisab awak. Tolonglah jangan hisap ganja sebelum menjawab. Kena peka sedikit lah...

  10. There is a movement to ridicule the Malays, Islam and the Raja Raja. They want to highlight this lack of so-called "meritocracy" and "transparency" especially to the international audience.

    They are also brainwashing the non-muslim bumiputras to join the bandwagon to create a NEW social and political landscape where the RICH will rule.

    This will translate into diluting or amending the constitution to benefit the newly rich citizens.

    That is why the ruling government MUST be the Malays/Bumis at ALL cost.

    One way to reduce their collective power is to deny them their "taken-for-granted" economic power continuously.

    Being the majority, thia is possible as long as the majority race is united. That is why they are pampering the Melayu Liberal and the Melayu Alat.

    Their next target, I would assume are the youths who are ignorant of history and who are susceptible to material incentives.

    Nazri and club members have been too comfortable with the fringe benefits that come as a package due to their poaitions in UMNO.

    They are getting complacent and are willing to voice whatever their sponsors have instructed even to the detriment of their dedcendants future.

    Yes, in effect, they are traitors to their own children.

  11. Should not forget that some Chinese in Sabah or Sarawak are considered to be 'asal' or 'asli'. They dont need to apply citizenship when Malaysia was formed.

  12. A brilliant post! Well thought out arguments written succinctly. People of doubtful intellect may feel your post is confusing. And they're allowed to vote?

    Nor Numa

  13. Inilah contoh melayu yang telah lupa diri

  14. Sdr Monsopiad, good explaination to anon 05.37. No body can be this stupid.

    I bet this guy is not a Bumiputra.

  15. Nazri seorang yang amat liberal dalam pemikirannya. Ia merangkumi semua aspek termasuk ugama.

    Secara peribadi beliau selesa menjadi orang kuat kepada BOSS saperti kedudukannya sekarang yang syok menjadi " dirty harry " dalam anggota kabinet DSN.

    Yang peliknya beliau bangga dengan liberalisasi tapi perangainya tika TDM mengkritik cara nya react macam budak kampong yang duk di kodiang..

    Dah la saudara aku yang Nazri mintak tolong selesaikan kes anaknya yang terlibat secara langsung dalam kematian seorang CINASIA di sri hartamas....rupanya Nazri yang menonjolkan diri sebagai " dirty harry " UMNO seorang pengecut yang tak sanggup anaknya yang liberal macam bapaknya itu hadapi kes itu sebagai ANAK JANTAN !

    Rupanya...Nazri dan anaknya bukanlah anak jantan tapi BAPOK macam Zaidi and Anwar Ibrahim !

    Anak Gombak

  16. this time he has gone overeboard.